Coonamble Children’s Services is a 32 place Centre meeting the needs of children from 6 weeks – 12years. We operate Monday to Friday from 8.15am – 5.30pm and offer Long Daycare and Occasional Care for children aged 6 weeks – 5 years as well as After-School Care and Vacation Care for children up to 12 years. We offer places for a Full Day, Half Day, School Hours and After School Care. At Coonamble Children’s Services we provide a nutritious menu which consists of morning tea, lunch with dessert, afternoon tea and late snack.

We are very excited to be extending our operational hours in 2017! We will be providing care from 7.00am – 6.00pm.

Centre Philosophy –

  • Children
    Children will be cared for in a safe supported learning environment.
    Children will be encouraged to be independent, confident and involved learners and will be engaged in a range of fun active play experiences aimed to develop their creativity, self-help skills, manners and self-esteem to become effective communicators.
    Each child’s growth, development, culture and family circumstances will be respected and valued. This information will be used to create a stimulating quality learning environment allowing each child the opportunity to develop a strong sense of identity and wellbeing in their own time.
    Children at our service will be part of a healthy lifestyle learning skills that will make them capable and competent in the future.


  • Educators
    Educators will be kind, caring, motivated, and passionate, energetic, fun and most of all responsible.
    Educators will form open relationships with families and their children. They should be welcoming, approachable, friendly, happy and reassuring at all times. Educators will be informed and demonstrate good communication skills in all aspects of their role. When possible the service aims to provide consistency with their Carers to maintain our quality learning environment.
    Educators will be qualified or working towards a recognised qualification. They will be involved in our continuous improvement process, allowing them opportunities to attend Professional Development, empowering them to set goals, as a valued member of a supported team.


  • Families
    Educators will share our vision to insure the future of CCS and give honest, positive feedback. Families will be ultimately responsible for the child while educators make sure that their families are involved, informed, supported, and comfortable and are satisfied and happy with the content of learning we are offering them. Educators will attempt a sense of community for the centre alongside making friendships and positive relationships with families. Families will receive respect and communication from educators. Educators will be approachable, give orientations and have an open environment for families.
    The service will provide a positive environment where members of the community are welcomed into the centre and where possible able to assist us in furthering the children’s knowledge. They will be recognised as an important part in the centre and an important part of the involvement for the children in their community.
    We hope to engage the community and keep them informed via positive promotion resulting in a strong relationship being maintained for the future. We wish for our qualified Educators to be present in the community and engage positive influences to better the experiences of services users.
    The service will conduct itself with pride and build trusting relationships with community partners, to promote and strengthen the learning available to our children.


  •  Legislation
    CCS aims to be compliant in all aspects of legislation.
    We will empower our educators to have the ability to have the competence to maintain safety standards as set in the National Quality Standards.
    OH&S, EYLF, Child Protection and NQS knowledge will be kept up to date for all staff. This information will be used to continually evaluate practices with the aim of improving our quality.