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We welcome enrolments for our centre throughout the year, in addition to hosting an enrolment week towards the year's end for the following year. Acceptance of enrolments is subject to availability.

Please contact the centre for an enrolment pack.

For more information call

02 6822 2266


We encourage all children to actively explore their environment and support them to form and develop trusting relationships with other children and educators. We strongly promote numerous opportunities for play. We believe play is valuable in all aspects of a child’s development and recognise the importance of children being actively involved and engaged in a variety of learning experiences. We believe a child’s learning should be supported and encouraged through positive interactions and discussions with the child’s family on a regular basis. We aim to provide a balanced and relaxed learning environment, where children are given the opportunity to play, discover and develop at their own rate and level.



Our Service is made up of a team of high-quality professional educators who are committed to and passionate about early childhood education and care. Our staff promote the human rights, safety and wellbeing of all children and consider and respect the diverse backgrounds and needs of children. 
We create an environment that promotes and enables children’s participation and is welcoming, culturally safe and inclusive for all children and their families.  
Our educators are continually evaluating how our curriculum meets the educational and wellbeing needs of our children and reflecting on ways to improve children’s learning and development and are supported by a team of highly qualified professionals. 


We work in partnership with our families. We support and encourage communication with your child’s educators about your child’s unique needs and their general enjoyment of their day at our Service. Our Service has an Open-Door Policy and actively seeks and encourages families to be involved in the Service. This can range from evaluating and adding input to your child’s program and observations, volunteering within the Service and sharing skills and experiences that the children and the program will benefit from and providing feedback. You can be involved in our committee, if you wish. 



The service will provide a positive environment where members of the community are welcomed into the centre and where possible able to assist us in furthering the children’s knowledge. They will be recognised as an important part in the centre and an important part of the involvement for the children in their community.  We hope to engage the community and keep them informed via positive promotion resulting in a strong relationship being maintained for the future. We wish for our qualified Educators to be present in the community and engage positive influences to better the experiences of the service users. The service will conduct itself with pride and build trusting relationships with community partners, to promote and strengthen the learning available to our children.

Educator to Child Ratio

We comply with the National Regulations for educator to child ratios across our Service to ensure adequate supervision is provided for all children. Ratios are calculated across the service (not by individual rooms). This provides us with flexibility to respond to children’s interests and needs at different times during the day.

AGE OF CHILDREN:                    EDUCATOR TO                                                                      CHILD RATIOS:

Birth to 2 years                                  1:4
2 – 3 years                                         1:5
3 – 5 years                                        1:10

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