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Diverse Learning Environments


Yellow Room

0-2 years

The Yellow Room are encouraged to explore and develop through books, toys and interaction with other children throughout ‘family grouping’ times.

We also have a cot room with 6 cots and stretchers for older children to accommodate the children along with a separate nappy change area.

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Red Room
2-3 years

The Red Room is designed with various indoor activities and stations to encourage creativity, structured learning, dancing, singing and construction. Numeracy, literacy and experiment activities are always included in the children's daily program.


Blue Room

3+ years

The Blue Room is designed with learning areas to encourage exploration of equipment and interaction amongst the children.

The children will be guided with a sense of independence, self help skills for school readiness.

After School Care
6-12 years

Our After-School Care offers an enriching and enjoyable space for children to extend their learning and personal development beyond traditional classroom hours.

Featuring a diverse array of engaging activities such as creative arts, interactive games, physical recreation, and more, we keep your child stimulated and involved. 

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